Jizo News » JIZO Teambuilding in Odessa, Ukraine

JIZO Teambuilding in Odessa, Ukraine

Traditional annual JIZO Team trip happened in Odessa, Ukraine this year.

As a tradition JIZO Team usually meets each other somewhere in the world once a year to spend some quality time together, talk about the project's future, make some plans all together and just spend some good time in a new place, walking, exploring and sightseeing.

This year it was decided to visit Odessa, Ukraine, where Team has spent an amazing weekend, talking, discussing, suggesting and deciding different things related to JIZO Project, its features, plans and future.

Besides that the Team has visited an amazing excursion all over Odessa, has seen a lot of beautiful places, enjoyed the sea view, has tasted delicious national Ukrainian food and became even closer than ever before.