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JIZO Travel Social Network Birthday

On June, 20th, 2019 was the day JIZO platform was born, which gave a start to the brand new way of traveling for people from all over the world!

With being in the travel industry for many years already and by learning a lot from our own previous travel experiences, our small but dedicated JIZO Team of nine people decided to create a social platform that provides a unique service, which may help people from all over the world to meet each other, based on their similar interests, likes, hobbies and preferences, easily decide how to spend their available time and money, communicate with the new travel friends and follow their travel dreams, whether it's a planned vacation, professional event or just friends travelling all together.

The main goal of JIZO Team was to make it easy for travelers from different countries to connect with each other and explore the world together, because we strongly believe that traveling is more fun when you have someone to travel with and to share your memories and travel experiences!