JIZO is a social platform for people from all over the world to join and create themed-travel groups based on common hobbies, and interests, and to go on trips the way they've never done before!
JIZO makes it easy for travelers to connect with each other and explore the world together. We strongly believe that traveling is more fun when you have someone to travel with and to share your travel experiences!

JIZO Partners with Northern Europe GSA

This new partnership will bring more localized specialty content to JIZO!

Northern Europe GSA is primarily focused on seven specific countries located in the Northern region of Europe.
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden

Northern Europe GSA will work directly with local tour operators and local tour guides as well as national and regional tourism associations, to participate in and promote JIZO and JIZO specialty content.
We are very excited about this advancement of JIZO into an extremely attractive and active part of the world, and we are looking forward to the opportunities it will bring to all JIZO users.

Take care and HAVE FUN!

JIZO Milestone ~ 1000 Users

JIZO reaches 1000 users after three months of the initial release.


JIZO now has over 1000 users on our platform.
This includes Travelers (social users) and Travel-Professionals.

As a Social Travel Platform, JIZO brings people together for group trips, based on their common likes and interests.

As of today, JIZO also has groups:
~To 79 destinations 
~For 77 different interests
~For 29 departure dates

Join JIZO now and get inspired, get motivated, discover something new, and travel like you have never done before!

Take care and HAVE FUN!

FAM Trips on JIZO.com !

Add your FAM Trip agenda for travel-professionals from all over the world or specific country.

The term FAM stands for Familiarization.
The Tours, commonly known as FAM Trips, are trips organized by travel providers,
This can be a Tour Operator, an Airline, a Hotel Chain, a Tourism Board or other DMOs representing a Destination, etc.

-You can organize your FAM Trip from 4 to 25 people, and pay a fee of 10 USD per person
-FAM Trip participants will each pay a JIZO fee of 10 USD to join
-You can set the group deadline for travel-professionals to participate

FAM Trips are a great way to learn more about and experience a destination for yourself, so you can add it to your own knowledge-base, as a tool for selling more trips.

Take care and HAVE FUN!

Share Travel

People traveling together with a common interest or purpose!

If you want to create a group trip that is open to any JIZO user, then Share Travel is the way to go!

Share Travel

  • Create unique groups for travelers from all over the world

  • Share Travel will be open to the public and available for anyone to join

  • Organize your group from 4 to 25 people, and pay a fee of 1 USD per person

  • Group members will each pay a JIZO fee of 10 USD to join

This is a great way to meet people from all over the world, make new friends, create lasting memories, and have a more valued travel experience!

Take care and HAVE FUN!

Cover Photos for Travel Recommendations

You can now choose your cover photo for travel recommendations.

We are happy to announce that you can now choose your cover photo for your travel recommendations!
Whether you are adding a new travel recommendation, or you have already added one...either way you can indicate which photo will be displayed as your "COVER" photo, with your recommendation title.

You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?
So have your BEST photo highlighted along with your destination story.

Take advantage of this new feature as it will help you communicate with the other users, the inspiration that motivated you to see the destination in person, and then share it with others.

Take care and HAVE FUN!

JIZO and TravelPapa Announce a New Partnership!

TravelPapa Tour Guides and Locals are invited to add their content to JIZO.com.

GREAT NEWS - JIZO and TravelPapa Join Forces!

JIZO.com is inviting TravelPapa Tour Guides and Locals to join us.
We would like you to add your content to JIZO.com because TravelPapa will eventually stop supporting Guides, Local, and Tours & Excursions.

Once registered on JIZO.com, you will be able to add your content by creating several types of groups:

Our teams have been working on this new project for over a year now, and we are very excited about the possibilities this platform has to offer.
We see the travel industry is changing rapidly, and we are a leader in presenting travel content like it has never been done before and help the travelers have a more valued travel experience.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

JIZO Secures Lower Trip Pricing

Get Better Trip Prices When Combining Flights and Hotels

We are pleased to announce the expanded flight options for JIZO travelers.
JIZO is working with many international airlines to provide the best airfare deals, and now you will have access to even better deals when your group includes both flights and a hotel stay.

More information on this to come in the near future.
Take care and HAVE FUN!

JIZO Travel Recommendations

Attract more visitors with Travel Recommendations

We are happy to introduce JIZO travel recomendations!
Jizo travel recomendations is a great tool to promote your own tours and destinations. Add text, pictures, create your own stories featuring buttons to view your groups, share on social media. Great way to attract more travelers.

Receive JIZO Notifications Straight To Your FB Messenger or Phone

Now you will never miss any important JIZO messages with this new feature!

Now you will not miss anything important happening on JIZO, your personal profile or in the groups that you have created or joined.
rnrnChoose the most convenient way for you to receive JIZO notifications in the pop-up that shows on the website and always stay in touch with your group members by getting the instant messages straight to your Facebook Messenger, your phone or even both!                                                                                                                                            

Link Your Social Media To your JIZO Account To Tell Others More About Yourself

Add your social media to your JIZO page and check out profiles of other travelers to learn more about your travel companions.

Now you can add links to your social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, by going to your personal profile, choosing the "Profile" Tab and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. There you will have a possibility to either add a link to your social media page or your social media nickname. The links will be displayed on your personal profile straight under your picture,
Besides that, you will be able to also see other travelers' social media links that they have added in order to learn more about your future travel companions and maybe even follow them to stay in touch in the future after the trip ends.

Book Your Flight To Your Group's Destination

Now you can book a flight to your group's destination straight from your dashboard.

A new very convenient feature was recently added, where you can now book a flight to the destination you need or where your group is planning to go soon (in case if the airline tickets are not included in the group price) straight from your personal dashboard.
In case to do that, all you need is to be logged in into your JIZO profile and after going to the "Dashboard" tab just scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find the common form to fill in with the details.
Planning your full trips to the new destinations has never been this easy!

Interactive Map To Easily Search For Travel Groups

Use the travel map to easily see all the available groups and the ones happening right now.

JIZO Team has added a very convenient travel map, where it is possible to easily see all the available groups planned in all the countries of the world and besides that even see the ones that are happening right now.In order to filter the groups and see only those you are interested in, yu can use a small and convenient filter panel with three switchers, placed in the upper right corner of your screen. In case, if you are just wondering what king of groups does JIZO offer, you can turn on the "Past Groups' filter in order to see the travel groups that have already taken place and are already completed at the moment.

Convenient Calendar For Planning Your Trips

Choose how to display the JIZO Calendar to look through the variety of travel groups in the most convenient way.

If you don't have any certain destination to search for and just want to look through the large variety of JIZO Groups to see what is available soon or maybe o find some travel inspiration for your next vacation - JIZO Calendar is here to help you! Choose one of the two possible ways to display the nearest event in the calendar and either scroll through the list of all the enarest planned events or use the most common calendar look to easily see all the available dates and events that are scheduled for those days.

Connect Facebook Messenger To Stay In Touch With JIZO

Don't miss any JIZO updates by connexcting your Facebook Messenger.

Now you will not miss anything happening in your JIZO Profile and in the groups that you have created/joined by connecting your Facebook Messenger to the platform in order to receive JIZO notifications about all the new messages, group chat discussions or any other activities, related to your personal JIZO account straight to your Facebook Messenger! Alway stay in touch with JIZO as all the most important notifications are now in your pocket!                                                                                                                

Create Private Groups For Your Personal Events

New Group Type was added to JIZO Platform

Now it is possible to add the new type of groups to JIZO Platform. Besides of the usual travel groups, creators will now be available to add Private groups for their personal events.
This kind of group is not visible for other JIZO users and is not displayed anywhere on the website, neither in search results nor on the user's profile page in the lists of created/joined groups.
Thus, it is possible to join such kind of groups only by following the special link, provided by the group creator.                                            

Group Recommendations Based On Your Dream Destinations

New "Countries you would like to visit" feature was added to provide travelers with the best group recommendations.

New profile field was added to let all the JIZO users select up to five of their travel dream destinations in order to receive the best and most detailed group recommendation that suit their wishes and expectations the most and also allow them to find some travel companions that share the same interests as they do.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

New Homepage Designs

Main JIZO Page was finally approved

One of the longest discussed ages was finally approved with aoll its desgins and details after the long weeks of meetings, arguments and discussions. Theconvenient, easy and quite minimalstic page allows all the JIZO users to quickly search for the things they are interested using the search bar or one of the four search buttons on the top of the page. Besides that user will now be able to easily see some of the other JIZO users, some of the most popular groups and even JIZO recommendations. Homeage will also provide users with the short information blocks about the platform's concept and the fast links to JIZO YouTube channel.

Approved desins for the JIZO Group Page

The second approved page on JIZO Platform.

The second approved designs were made for the JIZO Group Page after few long and productiveteam meetings.

JIZO Team had to review ew versions of the current group page desgins, provided by the graphic designer and after some arguments and discussions accepted the current one. Now all the future JIZO users will be able to review all the group iinformation in the smallest details,including its daily budget, number of travelers, all the planned stops and destinations, travel gallery, preferable languages and many many other things to learn as much about the future trip as possible.

Convenient Dashboard To Track Your Profile Activity

JIZO Team did all its best to create an easy to use tool to track all your latest JIZO activities.

JIZO Team was doing its best and working hard on the user's Dashboard page to make it as easy to use as possible, with all the main information related to your personal profile and your activities on the platform both as traveler and group creator.

Check out the counters of how many groups you have joined/created, how many groups are coming soon, how many have already been finished, see all of your personal messages and JIZO notifications and many many more other things, like group join requests, photo galleries, followers and so on.

JIZO Travel Group Page Designs Approved

The Team approved designs for one more page and got a little closer to the launch of the platform.

This week JIZO Team has finally approved the designs for the travel group page and now it is ready to be added to the future platform. As few weeks ago the general style was approved by the team, now it got a little easier to approve the new designs as the Team no has the vision of the way JIZO platform should look in the future. 

After the long meeting of discussions and small edits, the travel group page with all its main details about destinations, budget, number of travelers, detailed description and all the other details, photo galleries, cover image, share buttons and so on was finally ready, liked and approved by all the JIZO Team members and was sent further to the developers to get implemented to the platform.

Approved Designs For JIZO User's Profile Page

One of the first designed pages was approved on JIZO platform.

One of the very first designed pages, created by our new designer was the personal user's profile page.
During the few long meetings of presentations and discussions the general style of the future JIZO design was finally accepted and the Team has got the vision of the future outlook of the platform.
Thus, the final designs of that page were accepted by JIZO Team and the user's page with all its personal informations details, photo galleries, personal introduction, social media links and many more other details was finally ready to be added to the platform.

JIZO Travel Photo&Video Blog

New source for creative travelers and photographers to meet each other to share experiences and plan trips together.

JIZO created the new Facebook group intended for travel photographers and just passionate enthusiasts to share their experiences, post photos and videos from their trips, make friends with each other, find some travel companions and plan possible future trips together.
Besides that, JIZO plans to use some of photographers' travel content in the future in promotions and website's content with their agreement.

To join JIZO Travel community to communicate with other members and meet some travel companions follow the link:


Stay updated on the latest JIZO news in Telegram

Now you can follow the latest JIZO updates and news in one more convenient social media.

It is getting easier and easier to follow all the latest news, updates and new features happening on JIZO as we have just joined one more convenient social media for you to choose from - Telegram.
rnSince now by following the link: https://t.me/joinjizo everyone can become one of the first to learn more about JIZO and the new things happening in the project.                                                                                                                                                                   

JIZO Pilots Concept

JIZO Pilots concept was created to help the team test the very first release version of the platform when everything is ready.

As JIZO Team is working hard on the very first version of JIZO platform, it was decided to find and involve into the project the group of JIZO Pilots as soon as everything is ready in order to get some help in testing the first release and also getting some feedbacks from experienced travelers and trip organizators from all over the world.

Thus, they will be provided with the early access to the platform and all of its features and some of the special JIZO offers and the Team will be able to get the fresh view on the workflows and some particular details of the project to improve it before the official launch and make it even better for travelers from all over the world.

Find JIZO On Pinterest For Travel Inspiration

JIZO jas just joined Pinterest, so you can now get some inspiration for your future trips!

JIZO is joining more and more popular social media platforms for you all to feel comfortable to follow us for the latest news and updates on the most convenient platforms! Check our profile and subscribe to get weekly inspiration for your future trips, vacation and new dream destinations!

You can easily and quickly find us here: https://www.pinterest.com/joinjizo/                                                                                                                                                           

New Developers Joined JIZO Team

Two more new developers joined our Team to help create the platform even faster!

Another two experienced developers have joined our JIZO Team to help us involve and develop our project even faster and better.
rnOur travel family enlarged even more during this month to manage creating our unique project in time and in the best way possible for the travelers from all over the world!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

JIZO Has Got Its YouTube Channel

Now you can find JIZO on YouTube to always be updated on the latest news!

JIZO is spreading everywhere step by step and this week we are happy to announce that JIZO has just got its YouTube Channel!
Now you can watch cool short travel videos to stay updated on the latest news, new features and upcoming updates of the project and never miss a thing!

Subscribe to be the first one to learn all about the new things coming and support JIZO since the very beginning by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdByKvCpgLKBM5TpeHAc78A?view_as=subscriber                                      

New JIZO Member Joined The Project

Graphic Designer Has Joined JIZO Team to work on our designs and web pages.

At the very first steps of JIZO Project, the graphic designer has joined our team to share his experience with the others and help the rest of the team create unique designs, brand new logo and all the JIZO pages in general.
With many years of working in design industry he can help JIZO Team a lot with his professional vision and advice on what is relevant and looks modern nowadays and what exactly will help us look different on our market.

JIZO Main Social Media Pages

JIZO has got official pages on Facebook and Instagram to inform you about the latest news and updates.

From the very beginning it is possible to find JIZO on the most popular social media pages, like Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on the latest news, new features, updates and modifications that are weekly made.
rnIn the future it is planned to add more social media account for JIZO, but at the moment you can find us here:

Instgram: https://www.instagram.com/joinjizo/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joinjizo/                                                                                            

Group Join Requests For JIZO Creators

Group creators can decide themselves whom to take along on their trip.

In order to join a certain travel group, a user will have to send the join request that will be sent directly to the group creator. Thus, he/she will be able to see all the joining requests in their private dashboard, and decide themselves who corresponds the best to the group requirements and whom exactly to take along on their trip.                                                                                                                                                                       

JIZO Teambuilding in Odessa, Ukraine

Traditional annual JIZO Team trip happened in Odessa, Ukraine this year.

As a tradition JIZO Team usually meets each other somewhere in the world once a year to spend some quality time together, talk about the project's future, make some plans all together and just spend some good time in a new place, walking, exploring and sightseeing.

This year it was decided to visit Odessa, Ukraine, where Team has spent an amazing weekend, talking, discussing, suggesting and deciding different things related to JIZO Project, its features, plans and future.

Besides that the Team has visited an amazing excursion all over Odessa, has seen a lot of beautiful places, enjoyed the sea view, has tasted delicious national Ukrainian food and became even closer than ever before.

Group Chat To Connect With Travelers Before The Trip

New group chat feature to get acquainted with the members before the trip starts.

From now on, all the group members will have the possibility to communicate with each other after they have joined the certain group in the private group chat that is visible only for the group creator and all of the group members.
rnThere they can discuss all the topics that are related to the group theme, suggest something or ask the group creator some questions they have about the upcoming trip.                                                                                                                

JIZO Watchlist To Look After Your Favorite Travel Groups

Now you will never miss anything about your favorite travel groups with the new JIZO watchlist feature.

In case you have found some cool travel groups that match your interests and expectations, but somehow you are not sure yet whether you want to join this exact trip - JIZO has got a new watchlist feature for you! Add the travel groups you like straight into your watchlist to never lose them, to stay tuned to all their latest updates and to always be ready to come back to them whenever you are ready!

Easy To Use Trip Management Tools

JIZO Team created a comfortable to use trip management system that allows group creator to make a trip following few easy steps.

At the beginning the group creator could make a trip in only the few clicks, by naming the group, choosing the relevant group theme, like hiking, camping, yachting, cooking, backpacking and etc., adding the preferable group members age, recommended budget per day of the trip and by indicating the trip destination and the preferable language for the members to speak on.

After everything was ready, the group creator had to indicate th meeting point for everyone and the group was ready to be published. In the nearest future it was planned to add the system of moderation to look through the content the creators post in their groups to avoid any inappropriate content on JIZO platform.

JIZO Four Ways Travel Search Options

JIZO Team created the convenient and quick four options search for the users

Besides the usual search bar, placed on JIZO homepage, we decided to create the super fast and easy search options for all the members, depending on what they are expecting to find on JIZO platform.
Thus, after going to our homepage you will see four big buttons i the middle of your screen, like WHERE, WHY, WHEN and WITH WHOM you want to go.

So, you can make a quick search by destinations you want to visit, interests that you have and share, dates you are interested in or people you would like to take along on your trip based on the similar preferences and likes.

This buttons will help you look through the available groups, destinations or people that are looking for travel companions and inspire you to go on an adventure, in case if you don't have any certain decisions about your next trip.

Convenient JIZO Registration Via Social Media

One of the first steps on developing JIZO platform was to create a covenient registration form for our members.

As nowadays social media and Internet are getting more and more involved in our lives, JIZO Team decided to make the registration from as easy as it can ever be and to allow our members to join JIZO only via their social media accounts, like Facebook or Google, joining the platform in only few clicks.

JIZO Team decided to get rid of the long and complicated registration forms through the email address, where you have to fill in dozens of different fields, thus making it super easy and fast for everyone to join JIZO from any device they are using.

JIZO Matching Travel Interests Concept

One of the first concepts created on JIZO was the interests matching system for users to find travel groups and other members.

During the very first month of working on JIZO project, the Team created in details the system, which allowed travelers from all over the world to indicate their own interests, likes and hobbies (up to five), during their registration, thus getting the recommendations from JIZO platform during their first minutes on the website, matching their preferences and travel expectations and making their searches through website much easier and more convenient.

The same thing was related to other JIZO members, as they could now easily search through other people that have already joined JIZO, finding the ones that are sharing the same interests and likes as they do, making new friends and planning their future dream trips all together.

JIZO Travel Social Network Birthday

On June, 20th, 2019 was the day JIZO platform was born, which gave a start to the brand new way of traveling for people from all over the world!

With being in the travel industry for many years already and by learning a lot from our own previous travel experiences, our small but dedicated JIZO Team of nine people decided to create a social platform that provides a unique service, which may help people from all over the world to meet each other, based on their similar interests, likes, hobbies and preferences, easily decide how to spend their available time and money, communicate with the new travel friends and follow their travel dreams, whether it's a planned vacation, professional event or just friends travelling all together.

The main goal of JIZO Team was to make it easy for travelers from different countries to connect with each other and explore the world together, because we strongly believe that traveling is more fun when you have someone to travel with and to share your memories and travel experiences!

JIZO Brainstorms For The Main Goals And Future Ideas

Since all the reseraches were either in progress or completed it was decided to make a large meeting to brainstorm and discover the best ideas for project's future.

After all the main preparations were either ready or in progress and almost completed, it was decided to gather the whole Team on the large meeting to have a brainstorm and discuss all the possible ideas, features, concepts, designs and suggestions that every team member could think off to discover the best ones to use in the development of the first version of the platform.

Even though such kind of meetings are the weekly tradition in JIZO Team, this exact brainstorm meeting helped the Team a lot to set what is really important at the very beginning and to focus on the goals that should help us create the very first version of JIZO Platform in the short period of time.

Early JIZO Platform Concepts

Before starting the development, JIZO Team had a lot of different researches to do.

Besides of doing the detailed researches on the target market and our main strongest competitors, it was desided to carefuly look through dozens of similar platforms chasing the same goals as we are planning to, to get some inspiration of how to better implement the features we were instantly discussing, what kind of designs are now in trend and most convenient to use and also to realize what exactly attracts travelers to the certain kinds of platforms.

During the research the Team has made some rough mockups of the potential future JIZO designs to be able to visualize the current ideas and to easily see what is good and what needs to be discussed more on the weekly meetings.

JIZO Team Starts Researches On Its Potential Target Market

After everyone decided that we are about to create a new project, it was decided to first of all explore the target market and to learn more about the possibilities.

As it was decided to start getting ready for the new JIZO project, the Team had to make a detailed research on the target market to see how many possibilities does JIZO have in future, what kinds of strong and weak features does the similar services have and what should we do to create the unique travel platform that no one has seen before.

As it was planned to start development as soon as possible, JIZO Team has started the work immideately.